Preservation Through Operation

YHS 151H 1970 Dennis F108 Water Tender Escape

This fire appliance has the distinction of being the last wheeled escape carrying vehicle to have been ordered by a Scottish Fire Brigade. It was delivered to the Western Area Fire Brigade in 1970 and stationed at Port Glasgow. During 1976, it was transferred to Rothesay on the Isle of Bute where it replaced the Dennis F12 Pump Escape KHS 590. It started its operational life at Rothesay as the first then the second appliance After a spell as a spare appliance in ‘E’ Division of Strathclyde Fire Brigade the vehicle was then used as a Demonstration appliance. Mechanical problems caused the vehicle to be laid up at Brigade Headquarters with its future then in doubt

In 1995, the newly formed Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group were given the appliance on a permanent loan basis and set about restoring the vehicle to original condition and livery. In 2002 the original Perkins V8 510 8.4ltr diesel engine was beginning to give up the ghost and we managed to source a replacement Perkins V8 540 8.8ltr engine which the staff at Brigade Workshops, Hamilton, fitted. Water is provided by a rear transversely mounted Dennis No.2 fire pump giving an output of 630 GPM (2866 l/m). A Coventry Climax/Godiva lightweight portable pump is also carried. This has an output of 350 GPM (1575 l/m). Known popularly as the Featherweight Pump (it took four men just to lift it!) this piece of fire service equipment was used by most UK brigades. The engine was also fitted in the famous Cooper Climax racing car.

This fire appliance has won many awards and trophies including Best Fire Appliance at Emergency Truckfest in 1997 and 2005. In 1999 it attended the annual ‘Vesting Dagen’ festival at Hellevoetsluis. Holland. It continues to create great interest today no matter which event it is taken to

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