Preservation Through Operation

VDS 106R

This appliance was ordered by Lanarkshire Fire Brigade but delivered to Strathclyde Fire Brigade as the Scottish Fire Brigades were re-organised in 1975 due to regionalisation. The appliance was stationed at Strathaven from 1976 until disposed of in 1989 when it went into preservation. While at Strathaven it carried the registration mark VDS106R as workshops had mixed the numbers up.

The D series replaced the F series and at only seven feet wide were ideal for rural brigades. The original models were fitted with a Jaguar 4.2 litre petrol engine however it was soon found that this engine was not suitable and the Jaguar engine was replaced with a Rolls Royce B61 engine. It had a five speed close ratio gearbox capable of developing 235bhp at 4,000 rpm. With dimensions of 23’ x 7’ 6” x 10’ it was able to carry a crew of six and also had a Dennis 1,000 gpm pump and 400 gallon water tank.

This is one of the later models with the redesigned front similar to the R series, the original ones looked like the Dennis F108.

In 1993 it was bought at auction by Alan Thompson who’s first job, was to get the appliance liveried up correctly again with the red and white metal Brigade name boards of Strathclyde Fire Brigade.  The vehicle was later owned by the Late Stewart Lewis and was kindly donated to the Heritage Trust by his family

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