Preservation Through Operation

L984 VHS Volkswagon LT50 Volunteer Support Unit

This chassis was originally to be used as a Road Rescue Unit or Technical Support Unit but was found to be unsuitable and was eventually bodied by Dependable Bodies in Cumbernauld as a Volunteer Support Unit.

It was rather large for the equipment it carried and as a result the lockers were quite empty.

There is also a rumour, not sure if any truth in it, that the chassis was given to the brigade free of charge by Volkswagon as they were trying to break into the fire engine market.

Originally carrying registration plates L984 VHF this mistake was eventually discovered and the correct plates for L984 VHS were fitted.

The appliance has a 2.2 litre Diesel engine making it very underpowered. Originally destined for Strachur, that station was found to be too small and in 1994 it was allocated to Corriecravie, where it was kept in Angus Adamson’s garage at night being moved into the yard during the day so they could carry on with their business in the garage.

This arrangement continued until 1997 when it moved into the standard Volunteer Station which was built just next to Adamson’s garage. It remained at Corriecravie until 2008 when it was replaced by Mercedes Vario VSU.

In 2009 after the Brigade were approached by a member of the Preservation Group to buy the appliance Strathclyde Fire & Rescue handed it over to the Group on permanent loan.

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