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GGX 583 Austin K2 ATV

This 1941 Austin K2 Auxiliary Towing Vehicle is still in it’s original grey and has not been converted to a Hose Reel Tender like a lot of other Auxiliary Towing Vehicles. The K2 was built on a 2 ton chassis and powered by a 24hp six cylinder petrol engine. It had a square open backed body with bench seats up each side with stowage space underneath them. A 30 foot 2 section extension wooden ladder was carried on the roof. A K2 can be identified by the six wheel nuts on the front wheels whereas the K4 had eight wheel nuts. This ATV was preserved by Douglas Currie and displayed in 1983/84 at the Dumfries & Galloway Vintage Machinery Show. At some point it was also owned by Elizabeth Shearer, Kilbrook, Wamphray, Moffat.

National Fire Service Before the Second World War there were 1,400 different fire brigades nationwide. Some brigades would leave their own areas with no cover to help out others. On August 18th 1941 N.F.S. was formed. Britain was divided into 11 regions made up of 33 fire areas; all brigades in a fire area were grouped into one force with an area commander. The chief commander in London had full control. In 1944 – 45 N.F.S. men attended every doodle bug attack in London, dealing with fires, salvage, rescue and evacuating the homeless. During the war London brigade alone dealt with over 50,000 incidents and the London region had 42,000 men and over 10,000 vehicles. This vehicle an Austin K2 A.T.V. was built by what is now British Leyland. They were put to many uses, Radio Trucks, NAAFI mobile canteens, Cargo Trucks, This one is an Auxiliary Towing Vehicle, when in full service it would tow a Trailer Pump with the crew and equipment inside.

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