Preservation Through Operation

G538 PGE 1990 Scania G93M Water Tender Ladder

This is a 1990 Scania G93M-210 Water Tender Ladder with bodywork by Fulton and Wylie of Irvine. It was one of ten appliances in the fourth batch of Scanias ordered by Strathclyde Fire Brigade.

This appliance went to Kilmarnock when new as part of a pair, the other one being G539 PGE, with a call sign of Delta 21 and was on the run as the first appliance until about 1994 when it was transferred to Largs where it took the call sign Delta 243 until about 2003 at which time it became a West Command spare and was kept at Greenock until it was disposed of.

In February 2006 Mike Jones purchased the appliance from a person in Motherwell, by this time it had been converted to a fire engine limo and looked rather Gaudy. Mike has since spent a lot of time and money restoring it to its former glory including getting it resprayed. In September 2010 he took it on a tour of Great Britain to raise awareness of Prostrate Cancer ending up at the Viking Festival in Largs.

It has a 400 gallon water tank and carries on the roof a 13.5 metre Lacon ladder, a 10.5 metre ladder, roof ladder and hatch ladder. In the lockers amongst other thing there were 14 lengths of 70mm (2¾”) and 2 lengths of 45mm (1¾”) and 2 flaked lengths, one on each side coming out the rear consisting 1 length 70mm and 1 length 45mm with a controlled branch. There were 2 standpipe key and bars, various branches and nozzles, small tools and foam equipment.

The vehicle is Privately owned by Mike of course and on the last day of his 2010 Prostate Cancer Awareness trip, Mike, his wife Sandra and not forgetting “Monty” the dog were invited to Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Headquarters in Johnstone where he was presented with authentic appliance area name boards as well as being offered and accepting an Honorary Membership of Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Group.

Mike, after many happy years owning this appliance sold it on  in 2022 and the new owner permanently loaned it to the Heritage Trust


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