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A Little Cracker Arrives at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Heritage Trust Museum and Heritage Centre

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Heritage Trust are pleased to announce the latest addition to our exhibits at the museum

This “Cracker” takes the shape of a 1936 Leyland Cub Light Six Appliance

The appliance has kindly given to us on loan from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.  We therefore thank them for giving us the opportunity to display this superb exhibit

You will most certainly want to come and visit this little Star.  Please check out our Events pages for the Museum Opening Schedule and plan your visit soon

Makers – Leyland of Lancashire

Date of manufacture – 1936

Equipment – A six-cylinder petrol engine with electric start. A 500 gallons per minute pump with 2 deliveries

and hosereel facility. All were pump-driven via road engine and integral power take-off. The engine also carried

a 30 ft wooden ladder

No. of crew – 6

History – Purchased by Huntington Fire Brigade, it served in Yaxley parish and at Whitecross near


Having finished operational service, the appliance took part in the film The Battle of Britain as a London Fire

Brigade engine

In 1981, Braidwood and Rushbrook Museum, Edinburgh purchased the appliance from the Heron Motor Group

with the assistance of a grant from the Royal Scottish Museum.


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