Preservation Through Operation

C317 HGB Bedford Warrior Water Tender Ladder

C317 HGB was part of a batch of 30 plus Bedford Fire Warriors to have been delivered to Strathclyde Fire Brigade and is the last surviving appliance of this type, to the best of our knowledge. Known affectionately as the “Brick” due to its “unique” aero dynamic styling, this appliance is a product of the then bodybuilders Fulton & Wylie of Irvine.

It was stationed at Lamlash on the Island of Arran and transferred to the Brigade Training Centre in 1998. During January 1999, the appliance was given on a permanent loan basis to Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group who have restored it to original condition and is now a magnificent example of this class of vehicle. During 1999 the Brick picked up quite a few awards at various shows and is a credit to the two enthusiasts, Colin McQueen and Charlie Doherty who have been responsible for the all the restoration work.

This Fire Warrior is powered by a 160 Bhp Bedford Direct injection engine driving the rear wheels via a five speed gearbox feeding power to a transfer box where the driver can select either to power the rear wheel drive   or the 500 Gallon per minute Godiva Fire Pump with High Pressure 20 bar hose reel outlet (600 pounds per Square Inch). The vehicle had a nominal water capacity of 1800 litres, or in old money 400 gallons of the wet stuff.

The Fire Warrior has been immortalised in the book ‘Everyday Heroes’ by Alan Forbes, which is the story of 30 years of Strathclyde Fire Brigade.

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